Wreck your balls. Be bold. Be brave.

Love for People

Do not fight yourself.

Leap. Dive. Fall. Break into it. To anything, to everything you want. Who cares if you’re not ready? Nobody ever really was. And nobody will ever really will. So suck it. And just do it.

If you wanted a short hair, cut it. Hair grows back. If you wanted to travel, book it. Money comes around. If you wanted to hike, go for it. Body recovers in time. But that pace of moment of clarity in your heart in the middle of all the fog of confusion, where you feel in your gut to do something profound, or even terrifyingly simple? That small window of will, it passes. And sometimes it does not grow back, it does not come around, and it does not recover. As they say, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

So when you finally decide to cross that bridge you’ve been meaning to cross, expect me waiting on that side. I will hold your hand and I will remind you that you are amazingly bold and brave – for giving in to your desire, for running towards it, for embracing your secrets. And before I part with you, hear me whisper to your ear: stop regretting anything. Not even for the chances you didn’t take.





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