Traversing the Universe Within

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For three days, I have traveled a foreign land on my own for the very first time. Sure, it was exhausting. But I would not use that word to conclude the trip. Far more from it being tiring, the solo traveling was liberating, cleansing, calming. Opting me to value the time I have and making me actually love and own myself a bit more.

Some asked, “Why travel alone?”, and with a smile, I constantly answer back, “I just simply want to”. I say it in a single breath of time, like it was a programmed tone from a machine just responding to a button pressed and comes out ruggedly as a routine.

But it does not make it less eloquent. I mean every word of it.

I wanted to see the world around me without bias, without knowing what others think of it. I wanted to see what I think of the World without anyone else’s influence. But this, as I realized on the third day of my trip, while writing this very paragraph, sitting in a peace park in Taipei in a gloomy afternoon, cannot be achieved. You cannot see the World without bias, without anyone else’s or anything’s influence. You will always be influenced. And what influences your thoughts and the way you see things does not only pertain to what your whole entity is receiving now. But more so, with what you have received the moment you were introduced to this uncanny place. It is an accumulation of experiences building your character and seeding through your soul, imprinting rationales and founding morals, molding perception and changing limitations.

With influence, I saw the world in a different pocket of light. Quietly, it has shared its timely secrets, its simple existence, its resounding liberation. I am privileged enough to have experienced such beauty in a nurturing way. In a way that creates a crack in my mind, that squeezes tightly my heart, that frees gently my soul. A purely magical way.

And for that, I am forever grateful.

The Universe has its magic and it surrounds us every day with it. But we, we continue to not see it. We continue to not acknowledge it. We continue to not linger on it. The Universe has its magic and it is in every one of us.

I cannot claim all of it, but somehow,  I saw it, I felt it, I experienced it.

It is the little things.

It is.

To have sung alone like no one’s watching. To have laughed alone without caring. To have stared at someone without hasting. To have said no to people without a guilt feeling. To have noticed the small, little details without even trying.

…Like the stomping of feet of the person standing in the train, waiting for his station, duly enjoying his music. Doing it in the way I do it.

…Like the resting of the old man’s eyes, seeking for a moment’s peace and pause from the bustling of a busy city. Doing it the way I do it.

…Like the smiling of the girl upon reading a message from a friend, a lover or a stranger. Doing it the way I do it.

…Like the checking of the public map of a middle-aged man, trying to find his way to an exit. Doing it the way I do it.

…Like the looking around of a strange foreigner, feeling lost at some point. Doing it the way I do it.

A variation of people, at different situations, at diverse crossroads. Doing it the way I do it. In a precise space in time, I saw myself in them. Intertwined. Interconnected. Interrelated. A piece of me engraved beneath their skins. A reflection of my soul in theirs. A likeness of my heart beating in unison with their own.

Yes, I have traveled in one spot of this Universe, but not in Taipei. Not exactly, I suppose. I have traveled through my own Universe. The Universe within. And a glimpse of others’ Universe parallel to mine. It is a wide land to cover and I will not be tired of exploring it. I will be glad to welcome all the discoveries yet to come.

I am beginning to understand a few of my Universe’ mysteries, starting to unravel the riddles echoing endlessly within me, establishing a connection in the scattered lighted dots in the dark. Like the isolated image you see among the vast stars in a sea of constellations in the bright night sky, the moment you finally realized it was there all along.

Slowly, patiently, the strings are being untangled. The image is becoming clearer.

I can see the tip of it now. I can.



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    • dreamkatcherblog Reply

      Inge! It took me a lot to time to actually gain that courage! 😀 I know you can do it too! JUST SIMPLY DO IT!! 🙂 A very nice experience, I swear 😉

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