To the Mountains, I love you

Love for Places

You were always the risk I am willing to take. When I say yes to you, I dive in to something I do not comprehend entirely. I just hold on to your promise of beauty and bliss. And never you failed me. Your travelers are your many lovers. And I am inclined to love you even more.


You and I, there is no string attached. Even so, I do not mind to be faithful and loyal to you. There is no regular designed time to see you. But you, you wait for me so patiently. You do not demand. And you welcome me so joyously. You do not pretend. You. You are that. You are always that. You embrace my heaviness and my flawed steps in my every attempt to impress you. And in the intention of impressing you, I learn. You taught me that there is no love ever the same. Every time we meet, it is different. You are not unchanged, and I am not either. Every experience is a variant. No same steps taken, no same road traveled. And it is what the exploration makes it very enticing. Yesterday, you taste like autumn. Today, you taste like spring. And sometimes you are in between. You are a mixture of newness and oldness. You are unprecedented.


And I do not bother. I love it all.


What I love about you the most is your wholeness. You are raw, and fresh, and unguarded. You lay all cards unprotected. You lay down your beauty without rest, from the moment the sun shines until the sun sets. You are almost always fully awake. In your heights and hypes, you glisten. You surprise me more just when I thought I already saw and felt everything. You are boldly vulnerable. And I think it’s beautiful. Your vastness reminds me that there is a world bigger than the world I know. Bigger than the ego within me. I am only a minute part of something profound and wild and wonderful. Yes, you will survive without me. But me? I cannot survive without you. Beauty as such is a necessity. And truth be told, I speak for a numerous souls if I say that my soul will die without your massive natural art. Oh, how can I deserve you.


To the people who haven’t tried, dared to see you yet. These I say, the horizons will make you humble and proud. It will not force you to appreciate its beauty. You will be drawn to it, in a trance, under its hypnotic spell. You will fall for it over and over, be it literally or metaphorically. It without even trying to make you feel anything will make you feel everything, with every fleeting moment of either pain or relief, or of tiredness overridden by amazement, or of brief calmness and everlasting glory. The horizons will expand within you. Humbled by its glorification. Proud by the momentary privilege. Slowly, as you progress into its height, into its mossy or grassy fields, into its trees or barbed wires, whatever you touch, you see, you feel, it will grow inside of you. It will seep into the deepness of your fragile bones. And it will fire you to wanting more of it seeping.


Experience a visual glimpse of these emotions frozen in time, capsuled in stilled motions.


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In photos, randomly arranged are peaks and views from Batad, Mt. Gulugod-baboy, Mt. Arayat, Mt. Balingkilat, Mt. Ugo. The photos above cannot give justice to what they actually look in person. As I said before to a good friend, human eye is the best camera we’ll ever have. So use it. Take a walk. Fall in love.


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