The Blogs: Its Story and Evolution


When we do something, there’s always this ONE question that comes up. Sometimes from ourselves, sometimes from the people around us, which is: WHY?

When I started blogging, I did not think of this much really. I just feel like doing it. But having a solid WHY is important. Because this will be your foundation. Do not worry if you do not have that solid why just yet. My WHY came along quite late too. 😉 Believe me when I say that reasons evolve.

Now that my reasons matured, let me share to you my motivation and the things I write about:


I, the Writer, envisions a world with less entanglements. That in every writing, a new level of clarity arises. This, by exploring the connection, relation, and dependence among and within beings.

In this process of acquiring clarity of the fragments of the whole, a genuine appreciation of what the Universe has to offer should be met. I believe that putting the appreciation into words and actions and sharing my understanding to the people around the world through The Blogs I write can help us achieve enlightenment.

The Blogs intend to connect us to the Universe we are in and the Universe inside of us, to let us experience feelings at different depths and to lay it down with the seemingly right words, to inspire us to dream without hesitations, and  to meet people around us and to meet more of ourselves in the process.



My way of appreciation, however, may not be clear all the time. I, myself, is not an expert. This writing is a two-way process in which I write my perception, feelings, and even rants, and the readers may give their own meaning to it. To me, writing is also my space for vulnerability captured in time infinitely. In my blog, I am an open book where everyone is invited to read, criticize, appreciate, and learn from what you may perceive from my words.



The Blogs were categorized into four main parts:

1. The Page

This section gives information about The Writer, The Blogs, and The Logo (soon). This is where you can find my WHOs, WHATs and WHYs.

2. Love for People

This section mainly talks about experiences before and after a love lost, a new love, a love for one’s self, a love for a friend, a love for family, a love for a country, a love for a stranger. And because love exists, it is impossible that there is no hate. Thus, this section (the entirety of the domain actually) speaks both for bliss and pain.

3. Love for Places

This one here are my travels Here (in the Philippines, locally) and There (internationally). At first, I have classified my travels into three: The Greens – for the mountains, grasses, and terraces; The Waters – for the seas, falls, and lakes; The Lights – for the cities, urbans and sub-urbans. (I have to figure this section out further. Keep in touch.)

4. Love for Arts

This group is a collection of arts. My own arts and the arts of other people. This section includes all the poems I made, the music industry appreciation, and the possible song covers I will be making; I paint and draw, thus this section may also showcase my pieces; Lastly, this category includes my Fashion blogs (outfit of the day), cloth and body appreciation.


*I have only started blogging this year, February 1st and was absent in the month of March. I started as (free website) then evolved it last July 7th to (bought a domain). I am very excited to put up my next blogs for my previous and upcoming travels and artworks. I hope you guys are excited too.

If you have any queries, contact me via:




18 thoughts on “The Blogs: Its Story and Evolution

  1. Wendy Reply

    We started our blogs around the same time and I hope you are enjoying this learning journey. I like the look of your blog – very professional! x

    • dreamkatcherblog Reply

      Hi Wendy! I do enjoy it. This writing thing is so addicting. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment and the visit! 🙂 I look forward to reading your blogs Xoxo

  2. dreamymichaela Reply

    Hi Katreena! Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂 I have enjoyed reading some of yours and look forward to seeing more. I wish you a most enjoyable adventure filled with all sorts of discoveries, as you embark on your blogging experience.

    • katreenapillejera Post authorReply

      Hi! I will participate on it, soon! Thank you for the nomination 😉

  3. kutukamus Reply

    Just one thing, it seems that one of the ID’s you use, ‘dreamkatcherblog’, still link to the old (and already deleted) blog. I guess that’s something you’d like to know 🙂 Cheers!

    • katreenapillejera Post authorReply

      Hi! I apologize. It took me a while to respond. Yes, about that, I’ve been wondering ever since how to fully disconnect it to my current platform. Thanks for informing. It is so nice of you to take time. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

    • katreenapillejera Post authorReply

      Thank you!! I shall pay your blog a visit too! Thanks again for stopping by. To more writings and creations! Cheers!

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