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May 9, 2016 – the election day in the Philippines. It is the day when Filipinos would have to choose a different set of leaders for the next six years. This Election Day may end, but repercussions will stay. All votes casted will reverberate for all eternity.


These past few months had been nothing, but a battle among the People of a Nation who are aspiring for change and progress. Everyone has his bets. Everyone has his reasons. Reasons that may be valid to one individual, but not valid to someone. Reasons that may be logical to one person, but not to everyone. Reasons that may have sense to most people, but not to all.

What can I say? Everything is relative. We people believe what we want to believe.

Some may have been blinded by money, work position, and misplaced kindness and so their votes have been swayed by it. Some may have actually researched every candidates’ background, made a list of pros and cons, tried to become objective and based their choice on it. Some may have been attracted by the promise of fear to be inflicted and the anticipated “abrupt change” to come. Some may have just gone with the flow of the statistics released by the media that may or may not be true. Some may have not made up their minds at all.

But the most unfortunate scenario is, some are unable to vote.

And I belong to that population.

I am in the right age, but I am just a spectator of this grand show of opera and I am embarrassed by it. I did not know I can still vote even if I am not in the Philippines by the time the election commences. But what I know is, ignorance is not an excuse. I should have had taken the time to research about it. Now that I’m in this kind of situation. Let me share to you this part as a general knowledge, to lessen the ignorance one may commit: The Filipinos abroad who are working or studying during the election day can still vote. They are called the Absentee Voters. They are opted to vote within a month prior to the actual day of voting. They can vote in the respected areas of the country they are currently staying.

Honestly, this phase in my life where I can vote, but unable to vote made me lenient and apathetic at some point. At first, I was actively participating to the societal impact of the upcoming elections and aggressively voicing out my thoughts against and for a candidate, particularly the ones running for Presidency. But then, there comes the point where I was fed up by the burst and overflowing media stunts against every candidate. It is tiring. It made me turn off my capability to care for the welfare of the next years of my beloved country. And it is disgusting. I feel disgusting.

I am from the most prestigious school of our Country – University of the Philippines – where people who entered this University have a reputation for Patriotism, for being a critical thinker, and for standing for the things they believe in. And today, as it is the last day before the election, I am redeeming myself from the shame I got myself into.

I am writing this article to remind the voters to think critically and to encourage everyone to visualize what might happen to the homeless, to your neighbors, to your friends, to your loved ones, to you, and to the nation as a whole if you choose to vote for this particular set of people. This, I will say to you, as I have always said to my friends who are in a state of confusion in general, there is no right or wrong decision. You pick one and you make a stand. Just make sure that you truly believe in the reasons you hold on to for making that choice. Make sure that it aligns your character, goals, and principles in life. One more thing to see is that, check how you feel about. If it does not feel right, probably because it isn’t right.

A good change is hard to achieve, but truly, it starts with one’s self. We may have a numerous disagreement, a lot of violent reactions towards the thoughts of one another, a number of different expressed emotions, but we have one face. We have one body. We have one Nation. And we should work this all out. We could work this all out.

A good change is hard to achieve, but it is not impossible. And you, Voters. You have this power in your hands. Possibly, the greedy candidates may tamper with the results. But bear in mind that it is not on you. It is on them. For now, focus on your one true job: TO VOTE WISELY.

And to the ones who will be elected, get your shit together and do your job accordingly.



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