Silvered Love: A Story of Evolving Lovebirds

Love for People

This is a story of a love that may or may not last forever.

After all, forever is infinite. It cannot be measured. It cannot be quantified.

This is a story of a love that still stands after 25 years.

And sure hell feels forever already.


Months of February and June, two souls were born in the outskirts of far away lands. Both under the solemnity of the trees, a dim light from an alcohol lamp, and both brought with barely inexperienced hands.

This year marked their existence in the uncanny world they are about to build and to explore.

A boy and a girl. The Girl has 10 siblings. The Boy has two.

Both first borns of two families who are used to living in the muds of the world, to walking on the lengthy rocky roads to reach school, to selling guavas in exchange of school supplies from more fortunate people, to fetching drinking water on wells, to waking up at dawns to cook on fire woods.

Both familiar on how hard life can be. Both strove to make their lives more comfortable for their families. Both somehow rose from the rugs. In their own ways. In their own terms. In their own time.

Both lived similar lives, in a parallel dimension, under the same sky. Becoming adults, they were busy growing, and meeting people giving them lessons in love and life. They were busy making detours.



Finally, they met.

The Girl who is well-versed with people.

The Boy who barely speaks.

This year, The Girl was now a Sales Representative for a footwear store. The Boy, was then an Accountant Bookkeeper of a bank. Both can already afford a fare for a short-distanced travel, both can already buy electric stoves for cooking, both can already purchase papers from a real bookstore.

The Girl is the liaison between the footwear store and the bank. She visits the bank for work reasons. The Boy sees her. Had a crush on her. Shy at first, he managed to speak a word to her.

They went out for a date. It was a movie date. Funny how it went. It was with two chaperons, with The Boy’s sister and The Girl’s sister. And The Boy just prepared a candy as their snacks. To The Girl, it was funny. She laughed. Perfect match.

The Boy was crazy about her.



Now, they knew they lived their lives similarly.

They did not know yet there is much more to it than just living it similarly. They did not know they will share it for the next years. For the next 25 years, and more.

It was a magical year for both.

A year that changed them, completely.

On the 14ht of February, The Boy proposed for a stable relationship.

On the 16th of July, they had a Civil Wedding. Simple, practical, memorable.

Suddenly, the Love they shared is on papers. But well.. in Love, there is no such thing as sudden, right? Maybe at first, you’ll feel it that way. But when you look back at it after a few years, you will realize that it wasn’t sudden all. Everything was in place, synced on a perfect tempo and beat of a song.



As all beginnings are hard, The Two managed to rent an apartment to start their own private life.

A small happy place.

A Legend (ehem) was born. A first born of two first borns. She was guarded, strictly.

The Boy is now a Lawyer and an Accountant. The Girl has widened her connections as a businesswoman.

Life is blooming.


1993, 1996

Two more beautiful girls were born. Two opposites. One is Loud, one is Quiet. But both are absolutely gifted.

Some time these years, The Girl almost ended her life. She was running a business and trusted too much. She was striving hard for her children and her siblings. Fortunately, she has her loving family to support her. And her loving Husband, of course.

Her children has always been The Girl’s motivation from then on. As always from the start. And realized that leaving them in a cruel world without her guidance is a crueler thing to do.

Before 1996, a giant box of full of pants was placed outside the apartment. From The Girl’s business. The Legend and The Loud are now Frenemies. Best friends of sort. Lied there backs on top of the giant box. Too high for them to reach the top without a chair’s help, they still did it. It was worth it. Stared at the mirrored stars up, above the sky. Reflected back on their eyes. Two kids connected by blood, talked about ghosts, crushes, and future.

The scene became even more perfect when The Girl arrived with two nested vests, for The Legend and The Loud. One dark pink, one with light pink. Both coupled with a white nets.

No photo was ever taken that night, but that moment was frozen into forever. Now written as part of History.

If The Girl had been successful with her attempt, this could not have been written.

Love conquered it all.



A baby boy was coming. But it did not work out. The Girl had a miscarriage.

It was a tough year for the Family. Especially for The Girl. She acquired a bad health condition. She was advised not to carry any more children.  It will be a danger for her life.

It was time to move on.

The Family bought a house. Bit by bit the house was renovated.


2000, 2002

Life ruled out. Two more amazingly talented girls were born.One is artistic, one is the smartest. The risks on bearing them were all worth it. The world is better with them on it.

They are next generation Frenemies.

Five girls in the Family now. Still no baby boy.

Things got rough. The couple were on the edge. Misunderstandings. Fights. Pointless arguments. Sleepless nights.  It wasn’t healthy. The imperfections of life creeping. Silverlinings, harder and harder to find.

Almost the last day of year 2002, things got rougher. The couple circling the drain.

It was dawn. On top of a double decked bed, sleeping deeply was the eldest. The Boy shook her with a mix of gentle and panic rush. Awakened by the shaking, the eldest was trying to connect to reality. The Boy started to talk in a low gibberish voice, asking her to approach to her mother. To calm her. To make her stay.

The Boy awakened his next child. Now desperately playing the “children” card. The two daughters, barely grasping what is happening, stayed obedient. Went to their mother, stared at her for some time. Tried to talk to her.

The Girl, packing. Not talking. Out loud, at least. Making plans on her own. Her mind already traveling somewhere else. She continued ignoring the pleads of The Boy. To her, he is no more accountable for his words. The Boy went to the kitchen to keep his throat wet from all the begging.

The two daughters finally broke down the walls that their mother created around her. She spoke.

Calmly. Slowly. Delicately.

The eldest cannot remember if she and her sister cried, but she remembers that her mother did. Her mother told her to take good care of her sisters. A typical good-bye piece. And that she will come back for them. She needed space, she said.

Closed. Packed. Suffocating. A room with no lights. No windows. No doors. No ventilation. Just four walls. Almost no sunshine shining. Not a pocketful, not a ray.

But there was a crack

From all the endless fights seeping on the edges, from all the harsh words thrown across the walls, from all the rude silence echoing down the halls, from all the nights dragged forcefully through the mornings without sleep.

The couple was in that room. Blinded by the darkness. Tired on chasing meaninglessly. Both stopped and stayed in one spot of the dreaded spaces. Crying. Screaming in their heads. Until feeling almost nothing.

There was a crack.

And the dimmed light somehow found its way in. Invited itself and spread into the darkness, lightening up the corners. Attached itself to the surface. Reached the two cold bodies. Gradually heated their dying skins. Pumped their beating hearts.

The Boy found The Girl.

Finally, they met. Again.



The storm passed. And a baby boy was coming.

It was May.

This time, with all precautions, The Girl brought him to the world successfully. Both of them safely embraced life as it is.

It was like magic.


It was magic.

The moment you do not expect for it to happen, it happens. Full pure bliss.

The baby was an Angel. He cured all pains completely. He turned angst into funny jokes. He turned sleepless nights into something meaningful. He lightened the whole village with his smile.

He was a gift everyone had been silently waiting for. He came just right on time.

Two months later, on July 16th of the same year, the baby was baptized, the House was blessed, and the couple remarried. This time, they exchanged their vows in a Church. More blessed than ever, everything went perfectly.

It was an amazingly beautiful day for everyone.



Everyone is grown up now. Three in Manila – two college students one Engineer. All were staying in an apartment. The other three, in the province doing primary and secondary schooling.

Midyear, the family bought a new house that is situated in Manila.

Everyone was excited for all the adventures yet to come. The family do not really travel outside the province. The house in Manila is a game changer for them.

The kids were very fortunate to have this couple as their parents.



To date, all that can be wished for already came true.

Twenty five years of marriage.

The family is complete.

Everyone is happy and healthy.

Everyone is where they are supposed to be.

And The Boy is still crazy about The Girl.

The couple still had the arguments.

But what is a marriage without it anyway?

Of course the problems did not just revolved in one issue.

There were a lot. Money. People. Dreams.

Even within petty little things.

Sometimes days are more bitter than sweet.

But guess what?

Who said it would be easy?

No one did.

It was 25 years worth of not just happiness,

but also pain, tears, hardships.

It was an accumulation of love in different forms.

The couple made it work.

Chose each other every time.

For themselves. For their children.

For their Love.


P.S. Happy 25th Anniversary to my parents! Thank you for everything!! I love you both! :*

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