Mother of All Trades

*Decided to let this blog out a day early. This is dedicated to all the Mothers out there, especially to the one I have. You all are great <3 Happy Mother’s Day!!


She is my friend. She is my sister. She is my mother. She is everything.

She knows what’s least. She knows what’s best. She knows what I’m needing. She knows everything.

She bathed me when I’m little. She fed me when I’m nibble. She kissed me when I’m sleeping. She did everything.

She is everything. She knows everything. She did everything.

She is here when I need her. She is there for the gather. She is a good cling. She is in everything.

She knows when I regret. She knows all my secret. She knows what I mean. She knows everything.

She loved me when I’m hating. She comforted me when I’m hurting. She shielded me when others are reckoning. She did everything.

She is in everything. She knows everything. She did everything.

She is the warmth of the winter. She is the cold wind of the summer. She is the blossom of the spring. She is everything.

She knows my fears. She knows my dreams. She knows where I’ve been. She knows everything.

She gives me what I need. She always believed. She kept me shining. She did everything.

She is everything. She knows everything. She did everything.




P.S. The featured image depicts me and my mom. She’s the bigger Ferris Wheel. She always spins. Her world does not stop in order to sustain us. Even when she’s tired and in pain, she does not stop. She goes on spinning her wheel. And me, the smaller ferris wheel, she supports me unconditionally. She kept me shining. Without hesitation, she gave all the lights to me. That is how much she loves me, and all of my siblings. She is willing to give everything.

She is my Ferris Wheel. And it is only right to give the light to her on her especial day.

(Acknowledgment: I got the title of this poem from one of my followers name: Mother of All Trades. Thank you.)


To my mom, especially:

(Advanced) Happy mother’s day, Mama!! Thank you for always being proud of me. You make me shine and I want the world to know that I would not if not for you.
I want to say that I admire you a lot and I always wanted to become you – a loving, hardworking, street-wise, cool (haha) person. You are a Mother of All Trades. 😉 And I am still far away from that. For one, I’m not yet a Mom. No plans for that yet. Hahahaha. You have had high dreams and I believe I got this fire from you (and from Papa too. Pero Mother’s day kaya ikaw muna bida haha)
I love you, Ma! To the moon and back. :*
Here’s a picture of me and my Mom:
I miss you, Mama. Stay safe and take care of your health. :*
Ate Kat

2 thoughts on “Mother of All Trades

  1. DaisyWillows Reply

    aaaw this is simply beautiful. I bet your Mother is crying tears of joy. She did a good job – look at what a lovely compassionate and generous soul you are. Love the Ferris wheel analogy. So unique

    • dreamkatcherblog Reply

      She did cry tears of joy. 🙂 I am living away from home currently, so it’s quite challenging to make her feel my love now. But I think she felt it deeply. Thank you Daisy. <3

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