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You know you will lose, but you fought anyway. You almost have nothing, but you still gave it all. You are not sure, but you gambled. You were about to be thrown out, but you pushed yourself far more. You failed, but you tried again. You laughed a lot, but you also felt pain. You stayed for a while, but you left in the end. You did not mind chasing pavements, but soon you stopped.

All of these, we do because we love. We love the person we were chasing, we love the dream were fighting for, we love ourselves enough we quit what we were doing, we love a place we were ready to spend our savings, we love a language we were actually giving time to learn it, we love a book we were searching for it everywhere.

The choices we make, all because of love. All because of how we feel about it and how it makes us feel about ourselves, in that precise moment in life.

But when finally we make the choices and we end things and we turn a new page, what comes after that then?


What comes after a break up?

What comes after a goal?

What comes after a death of a loved one?

What comes after a good meal?

What comes after a storm?

What comes after an end of a career?

What comes after a visit to a dream place?

What comes after a date?


What comes after love?


I do not know about you, but to me, what comes after love is Love.

Nothing else. Always love.


…You loved someone so deeply, but the relationship did not last. After that, you decided to love yourself a bit more or love another being. No matter, it is love that comes after.

…A friend, a loved one, or a family passed away. After that, you love your friend and family more. You cherish them more. You tell them you love them as if it is the last time. No matter, it is love that comes after.

…A storm comes, chaos everywhere. Nationwide deaths. After that, the ones left behind somehow become familiar to you. You recognize their pain. You love the strangers you only met in social media. You try to help simply by sharing their stories or actually giving something. No matter, it is love that comes after.

…You finally met that place you were dreaming of. You spent your savings on it. You saved again. You went to the next stop. Money lost. You saved again. The circle did not break. You love going round and round. You left a piece of you in the place you went to. You left it and you were never the same person again. You were more vibrant, more open. You reached the destination, but the journey will never end. No matter, it is love that comes after.


So what comes after love? Still Love. And it makes sense. Because force that strong can never be contained. It needs to spread. It needs to be felt. It needs to constantly move. It needs to be paid forward – to another being, to another place, to another galaxy of your Universe.

We were experiencing it. The love after love after love after love after love after love… And we know nothing about it. But now I am acknowledging its existence to our being. And acknowledging is power. You are giving name to what is happening. And it will change your perspective, endlessly


Today, as timely as it is, somewhere I have seen a word. A word that is not new to me at all. But I never quite grasp the meaning of it until now.

MINDFULNESS. It is the knowing of what you are experiencing while you are experiencing it. It is the moment to moment awareness; the quality of being in the Now; a sense of freedom, of perspective, of being connected; not judging.

As what Eckhart Tolle said, “In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much – and forget about the joy of just being.” So pause, breathe that breath. Stare at the walls. Feel it. See closely. In there is love. Everywhere is.





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